Isolation de toiture

Cultivate comfort, save energy Prevent with Prévention Isolation.

Roof and loft insulation

We understand the crucial importance of effective roof insulation in ensuring optimum comfort in your home, whether it’s to withstand winter cold or summer heat. Inadequate insulation can lead to high heating and cooling costs, as well as other problems such as cold walls and floors, condensation and even mold.

Caulking must be carried out regularly to guarantee its performance. The frequency will depend on the quality of the product used, local weather conditions and the type of building.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

Our team of over 50 dedicated professionals and fleet of 9 vehicles are ready to respond quickly to your needs. We use top-quality materials and comply with environmental standards to provide you with exceptional service. Our primary objective is total customer satisfaction, with sustainable solutions and flexible payment options.

A cost-effective insulation strategy

Insulating your roof is an essential step towards saving energy and improving your comfort. Studies show that over 30% of a home’s heat loss comes from the roof. That’s why at Prévention Isolation, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding Novoclimat insulation standards for your roof and attic.

Our service area

Based in Montreal and Laval, we also serve the Montérégie, Laurentides and Lanaudière regions. Our goal is to increase the energy efficiency of your home, by reducing heat loss and electricity costs. To achieve this, we offer a thermal analysis service using thermography for a precise diagnosis and insulation solutions tailored to your home.

Roof insulation and more

When you choose Prévention Isolation, you benefit from a complete approach. Not only do we take care of your roof insulation, we also correct ventilation problems. Good ventilation is crucial to avoid ice formation in winter and overheating in summer, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs.

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