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Complete house insulation

Prévention Isolation is your trusted partner for complete and effective home insulation in Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas. We understand that home insulation and airtightness go hand in hand to ensure optimal energy performance. Well-designed insulation retains warm or cold air, while airtightness prevents moisture from penetrating and compromising the effectiveness of the insulation.

Energy savings and enhanced comfort

A large proportion of a home’s energy costs are devoted to heating and air conditioning. At Prévention Isolation, we use thermographic analysis to precisely identify heat leaks and propose a targeted insulation plan. Whether you need roof, attic, wall or basement insulation or other specific interventions, our team of experts is here to increase your energy efficiency and improve your comfort, while significantly reducing your electricity consumption.

Customized insulation solutions

We offer customized insulation solutions to meet your specific needs. Our professional team is equipped to manage every aspect of your home’s insulation, providing expert advice and using premium materials for every project.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

Prévention Isolation is committed to providing exceptional customer service, respecting environmental standards and offering sustainable solutions. We offer flexible payment options and work with you to maximize the tax credits and financing solutions available for your insulation project.

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