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Prévention Isolation has been serving residents of Montreal, South Shore, Laval, Montérégie, Laurentides and Lanaudière for over 15 years. Our expertise extends to all types of residential insulation, guaranteeing our customers comfort and energy efficiency. With a fleet of 9 vehicles and a team of 50 dedicated experts, we’re ready to meet all your home insulation needs. Our commitment to you includes :

  1. Smooth, integrated project management, ensuring seamless coordination at every stage;

  2. Fast, professional and courteous service;

  3. Total satisfaction from start to finish.

At Prévention Isolation, our mission is to become your trusted partner in home insulation, providing superior service at every point of contact, whether you need simple insulation or a more complex renovation project.

Customer satisfaction and the quality of our work are our main objectives.

We offer a warranty on all insulation services and materials supplied by our company.

We're here to help!

The procedure we strictly follow at Prévention Isolation :

  1. Assessment and preparation: We start with a thorough assessment of your existing insulation. We don’t just layer new insulation on top of the old; we remove any damaged or unsuitable material.
  2. Cleaning and Surface Preparation: We thoroughly clean all surfaces to be insulated to ensure optimal adhesion and insulation efficiency.
  3. Use of high-quality materials: We use residential-grade insulation materials specially designed to withstand the rigors of Quebec’s climate, ensuring long-lasting, effective insulation.
  4. Meticulous application: We ensure that the insulation is applied evenly and precisely, covering all the spaces necessary for optimum thermal and acoustic insulation.
  5. Post-installation clean-up: After installation, we leave your property clean and tidy, with no debris or residual material.

Contact Prévention Isolation today to learn more about our home insulation services and get a free estimate. We look forward to working with you to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and durability.

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